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“CleanOnGreen” Echo’s Environmental, Safety, and Governance Journey

Echo Production Superintendent, Aaron McDaniel, knows the importance of the environment in contributing to good health for families, co-workers and communities.    

Aaron McDaniel grew up outside of the small town of Iowa Park, TX. As a young child, he learned of his admiration of the great outdoors. Any chance he would get he would be outside, riding bikes, building forts, going on hikes, camping, and whatever else boys do outside when no one is looking.  He has always felt a profound respect for being in nature and believes a connection with nature is good for the soul, no matter the age. 

Even though years have passed some things never change. Aaron is an avid cyclist with many accolades. One he is most proud of is his 2019 National Championship for Mountain Bike Marathon Nationals in the single speed division. This means he had one gear and a glutton for punishment in the world of mountain biking. Just like Aaron’s mountain bike championship he puts his heart and soul into everything he does.  His belief is if you do anything it is ALWAYS worth putting in 100% no matter what.  His focus is to always do what’s right for the environment and for the company even if no one is watching. 

Aaron has been with Echo Production since 2012. He manages the field operations, engaged in drilling, completions, work-overs, ensures that activities are executed in a safe and efficient manner and monitors compliance with state oil and gas regulatory agencies. Over the years Aaron has learned the importance of working with surface owners and has challenged himself to go above and beyond their expectations.