Echo Production, Inc. and its affiliated companies, Twin Montana, Inc., and Talus, Inc. were formed as an outgrowth of S & S Oil Company, a Texas Partnership founded in 1948 by W.G (Bill) Street and his father, H.B. Street.  Located in Graham, Texas about 90 minutes northwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, these companies have had a long history of success in a very volatile industry most recently with horizontal drilling in Texas and New Mexico.

W.G. (Bill) Street’s daughter and son, descendants of the founder of Graham, Texas are involved in the company’s operations.  The owners and employees of Echo Production are very involved in community activities and are proud to call Graham, Texas, home.

Echo Production Inc., Twin Montana, Inc. and Talus Inc. have had a long history of success in a very volatile industry and look forward to many more years of drilling both lower risk and Wildcat wells. Ironically, these companies’ one major diversification has been a guest Ranch called Wildcatter Ranch.  This Ranch formed in 2004 has enjoyed rave reviews from major publications throughout Texas and the U.S. and has been recognized by European, Canadian, and Australian travel writers as well.

Mission Statement - Employees at Echo are a connected group of individuals who work to support and encourage each other. Our loyalty to each other and to the company helps us achieve our personal and collective goals.

Remembering where we came from and learning about our past binds us together and reinforces company values and sets the course for our future.

It is not enough to just stay current. As we strive to improve productivity, we recognize the importance of not only continuing to learn but being innovative in our processes and procedures. This will not only make us more competitive but is essential for the long-term survival of the company.  We are forward looking in all that we do.

What we do as individuals and as a company to support our local community is beneficial to all. We at Echo support the people and businesses of Graham, Texas, with our time and talents and through monetary donations.

 We strive to make a difference and be positive role models by making ethical and honest decisions in all our actions whether in the workplace, the field or as individuals, acting with integrity in all things by doing what is right even when no one is watching.